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  1. An excellent site to test your knowledge
  2. Penalty Kick
  3. Jackalling HCF
  4. Receiver joining lineout before throw
  5. Free kick taken back into 22
  6. Shoving the referee
  7. Knock-on at Quick Tap
  8. Man off ruling - Sorry to dig this one up again
  9. Man Off again. Again
  10. Fullback throws ball into touch to save a try. Can you award penalty try?
  11. scrum half trip
  12. To card, or not to card?
  13. When is the ball out of a ruck?
  14. Lifting/raising a leg
  15. Pre match chat
  16. Kick off in goal then dead
  17. Would you have let Sam Burgess Play at your level?
  18. Advantage: yes o no?
  19. Fumbled and touch
  20. Open play or ruck rules?
  21. Penalty Try and yellow card
  22. Position of penalty
  23. Red Card for verbal abuse - SA Ref video
  24. Knock on into touch
  25. No let up in dissent
  26. Abuse from the physio
  27. Options Signal
  28. Sorry to be a party pooper
  29. 22 Drop out straight out
  30. What would you do?
  31. Forwards entering maul before the lineout is over
  32. Tips
  33. Red cards in an Old Boys Match
  34. Do you offer the choice?
  35. Can you push the ball forward to score a try?
  36. Playing the 9
  37. Ball hits top of upright
  38. Quick penalty tap kick - when are defenders penalise for not retiring 10?
  39. Quick Tap FK interference. - "option?"
  40. "We don't normally use yellow cards Sir"
  41. Kicked to touch from inside the 22 after bringing it in..but...
  42. Foot intercept
  43. Is it a knock-on?
  44. A referee's pub debate
  45. Knock on or penalty?
  46. Further advantage on top of existing advantage confusion
  47. Odd one
  48. Not retreating 10.
  49. Let him up !
  50. FK option
  51. offence in the air - again
  52. called MARK after penalty rebounds off post
  53. Last play advantage
  54. Only helping the ref!
  55. Double movement
  56. PK hits defender
  57. AR penalty report AFTER final whistle?
  58. uncontested maul thingy
  59. Duty to clear from the 22
  60. Yellow card but we want a quick tap.
  61. restart to whom?
  62. Law 11.6 Accidental offside
  63. Knock on "options"?
  64. [Law] Pre binding
  65. [Law] Ball "grounding" inside a shirt
  66. That "PK" in the Eng v Ire game
  67. Knock the ball out of the SH hands
  68. Mark
  69. [Law] Accidental Off-sides? Maybe
  70. [Law] would you give the mark ?
  71. [Law] What's the decision
  72. [Law] YC --- and then ..
  73. [In-goal] Maul moving back and forth over goal line
  74. What would you give?
  75. infringement preventing QTI
  76. Is this playable?
  77. Kick at goal from own 22m
  78. What do you do?
  79. Gone missing
  80. Boxing Day Match (Fun)
  81. Missed punches in a brawl
  82. Blocking
  83. [In-goal] PK through dead ball/TIG
  84. Does ball going into touch put everyone onside?
  85. charging free kick
  86. Ball in touch/ knock on what's the decision
  87. advantage and freely taken kick
  88. Did he actually "play" the ball????
  89. knock on into opponents' 22
  90. The opposite of a header??
  91. 23 meter drop-out?
  92. Charging the free kick
  93. Try saving tackle...or Mexican stand off
  94. "use it" at scrums
  95. [In-goal] Try or no try? You decide.
  96. Is scuffling material away from play.
  97. Player on ground plays the ball
  98. [Line out] Lineout called but not in touch
  99. apparently not as bad as it looked.
  100. dangerous tackle?
  101. Penalty Advantage playing - kicked into touch - come back for penalty?
  102. Shoving into touch
  103. [Law] Minute to go - Penalty kick - slow preparation - kick to touch
  104. Kick At Goal - Ball Over Top Of Post
  105. [In-goal] Another ball going into in-goal question
  106. [Law] lift to catch
  107. [Law] two knock ons
  108. Captain chooses YC'd player
  109. Waybe Barnes Yellow Card Sexton 10
  110. Nicholas Sanchez's "mistimed" offences
  111. Grounded Not grounded?
  112. [In-goal] Own try
  113. [In-goal] Try yes/no - DBL
  114. Quick throw, interception, but.....
  115. penalty caused by injury
  116. [Tackle] tackled without ball?
  117. high tackle
  118. [Law] Obstruction?
  119. What are Black 15's options?
  120. knock over a line
  121. Where should kick be taken after a mark?
  122. ruck in 7s
  123. Simon, row your boat alone....
  124. [Tackle] Second tackle offence by a player whilst playing advantage
  125. [Law] Can this be a valid drop-goal ?
  126. 12 min sin bin
  127. [Law] Simulation or play-acting ? Would you card someone ?
  128. Deliberate knock ons
  129. [In-goal] Choice?
  130. [Law] Is this a kick to touch or a knock-on ? The answer surprised many !
  131. No Maul Obstruction at lien out in over time
  132. [Tackle] Bloody Creepers!!
  133. Free Kick moved back
  134. Back 10 for back chat
  135. [Ruck] What are the defender's options?
  136. You're pulling my... arm
  137. Yellow card to replacement
  138. [Line out] Who would ahve blown this?
  139. [Law] What's the sanction for a double movement in trying to score a try ?
  140. Offside player moving forward
  141. Thoughts?
  142. Knock-on offside scenario
  143. [Law] WR Law Quiz
  144. [In-goal] Defender knocks kick back into his own touch-in-goal. How to restart ?
  145. Maul from restart
  146. [Scrum] Who gets the scrum after ball kicked at head and injury
  147. [In-goal] Penalty kick to touch hits corner flag and goes into touch. What the --- ?
  148. Kick off cuaght on the full
  149. The Receiver in a lineout doesn't join maul
  150. [Tackle] Ball-carrier on feet but held by defender(s)
  151. Drop-goal after Free-kick scrum option
  152. [Law] Free kick from the grass
  153. QTI scenario
  154. Restart Scenario
  155. [Law] Penalty here or scrum there!
  156. [Law] MARK - Is this a valid mark ?