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Simon Griffiths
13-08-06, 16:08
Have just been making use of one of our newer channels on Sky, ESPN Classics. I was watching New Zealand v Ireland from 1992, and it really struck me what a difference professionalism has made at the top end of the game in terms of fitness and skills, but considerably in tactics. I was shocked at what I was watching. Now I've been watching rugby at Kingsholm and elsewhere since 1990 (when I was three) but obviously can't remember it that well, but I don't remember it being quite that bad.

I'm glad to say that a lot of the good that has come from professionalism has worked its way through to the amateur side of the game, particularly on the tactics front. I honestly thought that a L4/5 team could have stood a good chance against the ABs and Ireland in that match.

13-08-06, 21:08
i agree with that as regards players and their fitness levels and execution of tactics etc .. but also refereeing... fitness levels, positioning, empathy/ materiality, consistency has improved alot.