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24-05-10, 13:05
Question Reference Number: 448
A Gold player kicks the ball from inside their 22. A Blue opponent, standing in touch with both feet on the ground, slaps the ball, which is still in flight, back in-field after it has crossed the touch-line. What do you do?

A. Nothing; play on.
B. Award a line-out to Blue where the ball went into touch.
C. Award a line-out to Gold where the ball went into touch.
D. Award a line-out to Blue opposite where the ball was kicked from.

Could the the answer be B or D - it's not clear who took ball back into 22 and if gain in ground is warranted. (LRL indicates answer is B).

24-05-10, 13:05
Question could clarify taken back or not - but in absence of information then working assumption might well be that it was a gain in ground kick, hence why the inside the 22 was mentioned.

But, yeah - could be clearer.

Robert Burns
24-05-10, 13:05
Good spot, they'll probably be a few like that which could be clearer.

However that one will be updated now.