View Full Version : It happened to me

Brian Ravenhill
11-09-06, 16:09
Late in the game ball out of play awaiting a scrumage 5m from touch red to throw in. I notice black no.20 receiving treatment ‘on’ the touchline, from the far touchline black coach insist he wants to make a replacement on trots the replacement. Set for the scrumage but black seem a little confused. Red win own ball play progresses and we end up with a line out almost back where we started.
Touch judge from far side runs across, ref they have got sixteen players on. Black no.4 now hobbling slowly to touchline. I turn around to scan were no.20 was receiving treatment he’s not there but stood next me ‘but you’ve just gone off I say’
No say he ‘I was the blood replacement’, ‘so who went off then’ say I
‘Number four’s going off now sir, you didn’t give us time to sort things out’ says the replacement.
Now I know black seemed a little confused, they couldn’t get three locks into the second row!!

Moral of the story, don’t be rushed into playing on and keeping up the tempo of the game having assumed something.