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17-09-06, 10:09
an unfortunate precedent ..
ignoring the abuse .... no evidence, so no comment.
it is an unfortunate precedent because it means a spectator can stop a match (and thus a team's momentum) by purporting to hear some abuse.


17-09-06, 12:09
Only if the officials take it seriously.

Wayne Barnes was a barrister before becoming a professional referee - probably the best qualified to appreciate the legal significance.

18-09-06, 13:09
latest .. no evidence, which poses the question .. was it right? .. for the referee to stop the match?


18-09-06, 15:09
it certainly sets an interesting precedent - and obviously requires a QUICKLY made policy. If not maybe we could expect a flood of "conmplaints" from supporters if the opposition start to get on top and a "lull" in proceedings is of use.

I suppose it would make a change from somebody feigning injury...



18-09-06, 19:09
Sounds like the security officer from the home club approached the 4th official about it. So it's not a case of just random people on the sideline asking the ref to stop play. We're talking about an officer of the club and then the 4th official (David Rose) both determining that it was serious enough to bring it to Mr. Barnes's attention.

How was it stopped and conveyed? Did Rose radio it in to Barnes, who openly signalled a stop to the game? Or did Barnes call the captain over in the same way that he would if teams were getting punchy, and just say "Lads, I'm heard that some of your players are getting a bit chippy and are using some racial comments. Take a minute and tell them to shut it and grow up".

Obviously it's a GP match, with a mic'd up referee, so I'm sure the full transcript was available somewhere.

Simon Griffiths
18-09-06, 19:09
It might have been the security officer that approached the fourth official, but he was acting on the complaint of what I believe was a single supporter.

There's already talk elsewhere of the effects this could have in the way that didds suggests it may.

19-09-06, 11:09