View Full Version : So how do you stay fit/get fitter in the off season?

Robert Burns
20-05-04, 03:05
Give us some tips, if you have specific work outs in a gym, share them with others.

20-05-04, 11:05
At the start of the off season I just stay generally active, and try to play squash, badminton etc, and swimming and falling off a surf board, just to maintain CV fitness and cos I cannot abide mere exercise, eg gym work, long boring runs etc. When we hit July then I go and join in the pre-season fitness sessions at my local club, which works really well for me, and I get a sneak preview of their latest moves...and am even asked for an opinion on just how legal some of the wilier stuff might actually be.

Red Munster
31-05-04, 11:05
I was never super fit but try to keep reasonably fit by playing astro-turf soccer twice a week. Can't manage anymore than that as the body starts giving out! We had some referee-organized fitness training for a while at the start of last season but the numbers turning up were so low that they cancelled it.

08-09-04, 16:09
I've been going running a lot, doing interval training, mixing sprints and jogging, etc., but recently got a bit of a kick in the teeth...

Monday night, I went out to a nearby sports field with the intention of doing a few laps. This struck me as pretty boring, so when, halfway through my first lap, I spotted some people playing basketball, I asked if I could join them (as luck would have it, my arrival evened up the numbers). I'm a great fan of cross-training, because I find plodding round umpteen laps of a field three times a week fairly dull, so I was thrilled at the opportunity to get some fitness in while having fun at the same time. Anyway, two minutes into the game of b-ball, I landed awkwardly from a jumpshot and sprained my ankle badly - how's that for Sod's Law? :mad:

I went to casualty yesterday morning; they told me I was lucky not to have broken anything, and I've been on crutches since then. I'm due a game in 10 days time, and I'm not sure I'll be ready... :( :o