View Full Version : Accidental offside and materiality

27-09-06, 13:09
Law ref:
(a) When an off-side player cannot avoid being touched by the ball or by a team-mate carrying it, the player is accidentally off-side. If the player's team gains no advantage from this, play continues. If the player's team gains an advantage, a scrum is formed with the opposing team throwing in the ball.

Black attacking, tackle. Asd the ball is released it hits black 9 on foot and is propelled forwards. The Ball hits the prone black tackled player on leg.
no Blue player in attendance except for tackler (out of game on floor).
Blue defenders lined up for next phase.

Blue claim 'accidental offside' but ref waves play on ... 'materiality'

Was it right (to wave play on)?

Simon Griffiths
27-09-06, 13:09
Probably, one of those things that I'd say you have to see for a bit of gut in the reaction, but from the picture you've painted, it didn't stop blue from getting the ball - probably gave them more time to align.

27-09-06, 13:09
I agree. No sign of Black gaining any advantage in the description, but it depends on judgement on the spot.