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30-09-06, 12:09
Something for ST to tear his hair out about ... (or what's left of it)

ST (2 weeks ago) "Sorry to be pedantic but we should all get into good and consistent habits when using yellow and red cards, both in action of showing the card and words used, in front of the skipper too at all times :
"Red 7, name please, persistent coming in at the side, yellow card, ten minutes of playing time. Please go to the technical area / behind the opposition posts."
"Red 4 - name please,...... is that correct skipper ? For deliberate use of the boot in a stamping motion on blue 15, dismissal red card, please leave the pitch and go to the clubhouse."

(Your words above could have been construed as a dismissal maybe in some circumstances perhaps.
I have been at too many Disciplinary Hearings where players have argued the referee had not formally warned them, and on a few occasions that they didn't know they had been dismissed, or had not been given the reason for their dismissal - and got off with low entry level and mitigating circumstances punishments.)

White/black v Red/ black. White attacking with ball in hand again. There has been a wave of similar attacks in second half. Ref has warned Red capt about slowing ball down etc.
Red 12 slow balls down again. Whistle.
"come here Red 12. off ya feet, slowing ball down. Goodbye"

(ouch .. i can hear the tearing and gnashing from here)

30-09-06, 18:09
Replace the goodbye with "10 minutes" and I think it is a good piece of communication. It shows you he's gone because you have lost patience with their cheating. Not a problem for me. Tho I strongly agree with correct wording for a red.

03-10-06, 12:10
what no comment ST ? or are you still gnashing ?

03-10-06, 15:10
ST is an extremely busy chap and apart from keeping us all in line here he has to work sometime you know.

03-10-06, 17:10
It's easy to get flippant about yellow cards, andI think that that is a mistake.

Remember that the yellow isn't just about the player getting the card - it's a message to all the other players.

If you take your time, deliver a message and make it clear that you're serious about it, I think it reinforces to everyone that whatever just happened is unacceptable

Simon Thomas
04-10-06, 10:10
No hair to tear and too many late tackles by flankers to gnash remaining teeth !

HRURS advises our refs to use their personal style but make sure they include necessary formalities. In the case above I would suggest adding - after goodbye - 'yellow card for persistent offence of killing the ball in ruck / tackle after a team warning'. And best to have skipper there too when said.

Yellow cards are a punishment but primarily one of a referee's management tools.

Sorry for delayed reply but I am a little it busy doing 27 countries 2007 budet reviews at moment, for plc Board submission in 2 weeks time. Plus Chairing HRURS (fulltime job on it's own !) and refereeing the occasional match (twice a weekend)