View Full Version : Heineken Cup Final

24-05-04, 17:05
Did anybody else make the trip down to Twickers for the HC Final? And am I the only Wasps fan on RugbyRefs.com?

Awesome match, some really fancy hands and impossibly good offloads from the Frenchies, matched by Wasps with some of the most committed tackling I've ever seen at any level of rugby. So much fun to be there! Shouted myself hoarse and took far too many photo's, but wouldn't have swapped it for anything else...

Anyway, damn fine day out, right result in the end, even if they did run my nerves through the wringer first. Had my first exam of my University Finals this morning too, thankfully I don't need my voice to do chemistry, or I'd really be in trouble!

Red Munster
31-05-04, 09:05
I was going to go but unfortunately we weren't as cynical as the waspies at the breakdown and had Hendo sinbinned for Wasps infringements. As in the ref had run out of patience after all the Wasps cynical play and took it out on Hendo. Sold my final tickets to a Wasps fan though and fair play ye won the final but ye didn't need to resort to the same "3 points are better than 7" tactics. Rolland was too lenient. After issuing a warning about cards he did nothing about it. Ye would have won it anyway playing positive rugby. Didn't see Bath v Wasps game yesterday.