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Not Kurt Weaver
23-11-10, 21:11

Should Argentina be penalized for moving beyond 15m before the throw?

boths teams move laterally, so maybe two wrong make a

23-11-10, 22:11
Law 19.14

(f) Long throw-in. If the player who is throwing in throws the ball beyond the 15-metre line, a player taking part in the lineout may run infield beyond the 15-metre line as soon as the ball leaves the hands of the player throwing in.

If this happens, an opponent may also run infield. If a player runs infield to take a long throw in, and the ball is not thrown beyond the 15-metre line, this player is offside and must be penalised.

Sanction: Penalty kick on the 15-metre line

As they moved before the ball left the hands of the thrower than yes they are liable to be penalised.