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09-01-11, 00:01
Level 9 game. Clean catch at the lineout by black. Whilst still airborne having been lifted at the lineout the player who has caught it then dummies a pass 'off the top' to his 9.

Red number 7 falls for the dummy and goes offside (moves towards black 9 and crosses the line of touch before the lineout was over).

Black 5 then delivers the pass to black 9, and red 7 doesn't have the foresight to retreat without interfering and instead tackles the black 9.

Penalty red in 15 - black 7 - offside


Is a dummy 'off the top' legal? Seems ok in law. Is it unsporting? Surprised I haven't seen it more because it was a nice move - got him a penalty, and kept the 7 back a yard for every subsequent lineout of the day!

Simon Thomas
09-01-11, 01:01
very common move used in the line out to catch out tail gunners going early - I see it a fair bit. Mostyly the early across the line player, puts arms up and steps back onside, knowing he has been caught, immaterial so play on.

totally legal tactic, good work by Black ball catcher, if the early red #7 hasn't retired ping and have a word with him.

09-01-11, 12:01
As far as I can see, the LoTG don't allow the thrower to dummy a throw in (its a FK offence on the 15m line) but they don't prevent the catcher effectively dummying a pass to the receiver.

09-01-11, 14:01
Legal and the opposition was stupid.

Stupid gets penalised if it affects play.

Rugby is a thinking game.

dave miller
09-01-11, 18:01
There is something about not taking any action to lead the opposition to think the ball is out, when it isn't. This covers dummys from scrum, ruck and maul, but not I think a lineout before a maul forms.

Account Deleted
09-01-11, 19:01
Good ploy.

10-01-11, 22:01
Nuff said