View Full Version : What do you count as 'Cocked'?

23-10-06, 13:10
Had an interesting one on Staurday. Red Hooker would take the ball in both hands and bring the ball up and rest it on his head, pause for a bit, and then bring the ball all the way back and throw it in.

I thought that this was a ploy to bring the oppo jumpers up early, and it did, so I told him not to do it. Speaking to him afterwards he said that no other referee had told him not to.

What do you guys think?


Robert Burns
23-10-06, 13:10
I don't see a problem providing he isn't making it look like he's about to throw, 'cocked' in my mind is when he takes it back behind his head to throw, then he should not delay.

Simon Griffiths
23-10-06, 13:10
I'd go with Robert on this. I'd say cocked is when it's fully back in the position to be thrown from (like a gun is cocked when the hammer is fully back ready to fire).

But, if you felt it was causing problems with the opposition jumpers, then there was no problem in just talking to the hooker about it. Interesting though.

tim White
23-10-06, 17:10
I might be tempted to comment if it caused a problem, say 'He's done it that way every time, get on with it', first time I would probably re-set and even ask for a demonstration throw if it was that unusual.

Being a suspicious character, I like to watch the teams practising pre-game, and I will comment if I see something that might cause a problem later. 'Time your jumps better lads, Better throw them straighter in the game' or the like.

23-10-06, 18:10
I agree, if it's his consistent technique then the defending jumpers should get used to it.

When I played I'd place the ball in my left hand and then rotate my arm around so the ball was above my head, meeting it with my right hand. That was the point at which I was ready, and would pause before then throwing.

Very rarely would there be any problems with this. Occasionally a defender might say something, but that was normally gamesmanship and was normally defused by a ref who would tell them that this was just my routine.

23-10-06, 18:10
This is an interesting one and becoming more frequent. In effect he was trying to get a free kick by making the opposition get up to early in the line. Too often there is a dummy jump and the tendency is to penalise the opposition rather than the team throwing in( who are initiating the act), management is the key as always

23-10-06, 21:10
When teams go through a couple of line-outs during warm-up will give you advance information on the hookers normal routine. You'll know then whether he is trying for a free kick or just doing his normal thing.

Simon Thomas
23-10-06, 22:10
I agree Joop.

I always watch both teams practice their line out to assess hookers' throwing action and method of (safe) support of jumpers.

Comments to players plus coaches is always good to estabish an early rapport.

Account Deleted
23-10-06, 22:10
We've been told that If a player stand with the ball pointing forward or back to begin the throw it is fine as long as the movement that follows is a single one. There is no reference in the laws to "Cocked" anyway
Law 19.6(b) (b) The throw-in at the line-out must be taken without
delay and without pretending to throw.
Penalty: Free Kick

First one go again and have a word and ping if it happens again.

24-10-06, 11:10
...There is no reference in the laws to "Cocked" anyway...

In your compendium of come-in-handy phrases for use on such occasions as "But sir, his arm was cocked?" should be the remark;

"There is a lot about balls in law but nothing about cocks!".