View Full Version : Offside - Kick After A Ruck

Penelope Pitstop
23-10-06, 18:10
Team A wins a ruck. Scrum-Half decides to kick over the top. Ball hits opposition player on the way but the player did not intentionally try to play the ball. Does this put the Team A player 10m on the wrong side of the ruck on-side? I thought it had to be an intentional touch of the ball but am being told by some people that touching any opposition player always brings the players on side.

Simon Griffiths
23-10-06, 19:10
Welcome to RRF PP! :)
Correct, to be put onside the opposition must intentionally touch the ball - although there are still then certain conditions (11.4 off-side under 10 metre rule - and that has exceptions of exceptions, or something like that anyway! - big debate in another thread about that).

23-10-06, 19:10
Penelope, welcome to the forums, and congratulations on having the best user name on here!

The short answer is no, Team A player is not put onsideby this - as you correctly state, that would only be the case if the ball/player contact by Team B was intentional, quite clearly stated in Law 11.4.

A secondary consideration is whether you should penalise the Team A player for having been offside at the previous phase (the ruck) and having gained an advantage from being so...

Penelope Pitstop
24-10-06, 22:10
Thanks for responding Gents. I'm pleased to hear that I had interpreted things correctly. I just wish I could see footage of the European Challenge Cup game in question so I could examine the deflection of the ball.

Right or wrong, the decision lead to a try but the game was 'over' by then anyway. I'm a newly qualified ref and need to investigate any decision I don't understand. Looks like I've found the ideal place to do so.

Thanks again!!