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25-10-06, 12:10
Question 16 - Type: Scenario Question

Question Reference Number: 299

Blue #14 is just outside of their 22 and kicks. Gold #7 touches the ball and it deflects slightly behind Gold #7 and directly into touch at Gold's 10-meter line. What do you do?

Incorrect - You answered D

The correct answer is: C.
19.1d : When a player anywhere in the playing area kicks the ball so that it touches or is touched by an opposition player and goes directly into touch, the throw-in is taken in-line with where the opposition player touched the ball or where the ball crossed the touch-line, if that is nearer the opposition player's goal-line.

A. Award a line-out to Gold opposite the place where Gold #7 touched the ball.
B. Award a line-out to Gold where the ball went into touch.
C. Award a line-out to Blue opposite the place Gold #7 touched the ball.
D. Award a line-out to Blue where the ball went into touch.

If Gold 7 touches the ball and deflects directly into touch, should the decision not be D lineout to Blue where the ball goes into touch, on the basis that this must be nearer the opposition player's (gold) goal-line, Gold 7 having deflected it behind him.

25-10-06, 12:10
I agree with you. Strange answer...

Simon Griffiths
25-10-06, 15:10
You are quite correct I think. Someone mentioned it to me in September, I just haven't got round to changing it - along with a couple of other question and/or answer changes, it's on my 'to do' list...

25-10-06, 16:10
Thanks Simon - I raised it far more for my own knowledge and development and on the basis that I might be wrong than to be seen to be picking holes in a brilliant resource.