View Full Version : Leaving the LO - NHPT v PERP

06-05-11, 13:05
Having a quick look through the highlights from last weeks HC matches.

Looking for things to discuss, do you see a problem with the Perp 2nd row #4 leaving the LO in this clip (3:28 in), i guess you could say he's peeling, but just thought i'd throw it in there to discuss :chin:


Would you call him for leaving the LO or maybe and O/S offence?

Oh and by the way, should have been a RC, he bottled it:wait:

06-05-11, 13:05
from the highlights it seems OK.
He keeps moving (just)

Would have liked a few more seconds at the start of the clip to see if he moves before the ball is thrown, but that's getting extremely fussy.

Clever bit of rugby IMHO

06-05-11, 13:05
First view you get seems to show three scrum halves, but the ball has already been thrown.

07-05-11, 20:05
I've pinged for this. The only possible "get out jail free" card is peeling, but to be peeling the ball has to have left the thrower's hands (we can't tell for sure, but he's got 3m back before the ball travels 7m) and he has to keep moving until the lineout ends. It's off the top, so he's probably OK on that score. The law says he may peel to catch the ball from the lineout (or at least, it strongly implies that). In this case, the SH takes the pass - does that invalidate the peel? Picky.