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Account Deleted
30-10-06, 12:10
Cardiff V Leicester yesterday.

Cardiff Kick and a Cardiff player is within 10 of a Leicester player waiting to play the ball. The ball actually goes into touch. Leicester shape to take a quick throw and the Cardiff Player that was "within 10" tackles the player receiving the ball. Ref give penalty for being within the 10 and offers the scrum where the kick was made or the penalty at the point of the "offside".

Lots of folk saying that the ref was wrong as the ball was dead and therefore no offside. I think he was right.
What do others think?

30-10-06, 12:10
I actually think that this is a good call (OK as a Tigers fan, I would - wouldn't I? But..).

The Blues player was offside within 10m and made absolutely no attempt to get back. That then gave him a significant advantage at the next phase of play.

If he had retired, then advanced when the ball went dead I don't see a problem - but he simply stayed put.

30-10-06, 12:10
we had some discussion about this in the clubhouse.
i immediately said offside. players around me said "no, it's dead" and then Lewis blew up and called it offside.
I informed that refs are blowing this now bec of players hanging around preventing quick line outs.
i think that was why he blew it ... materiality etc .. Tigers tried to take a quicky, if not then Lewis would have prob just warned Blues.

Simon Thomas
30-10-06, 12:10
Good call by the referee.

tim White
30-10-06, 12:10
Loitering, same as if it had been offside at a ruck/maul. Loitering AND gaining an advantage = Pen. It also feels fair.

Simon Griffiths
30-10-06, 12:10
It also feels fair.
To quote Chris White: "If it looks wrong, it probably is."

I've got no problem with that situation being given as a PK. There is no statement in the Law book for that exact situation, but it is implied. It's gaining an unfair advantage by not making an effort to get onside in the first place. And if needs be, use one of the catch all Laws ;) .

Wert Twacky
30-10-06, 12:10
I agree - correct decision by the ref.

It's a bit like when a FH, etc, kicks ahead for a chasing winger, and the winger's in front of the kicker (marginally, but not much).
If the ball goes in touch and you decided not to ping because of materiality - you have make sure the offsider player does then not prevent positive play - a quick lineout.

Account Deleted
30-10-06, 23:10
Refered it to a senior guy at our Society meeting tonight and he was in full afgreement also.

Thanks for the feedback guys!