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18-05-11, 05:05
Malaysia: Final MRU Super League 2011 - Cobra crushes Keris Conlay


Final MRU Super League 2011: Cobra crushes Keris Conlay
A YOUNG and fit Combined Old Boys Rugby Association (Cobra) defied the scorching heat to beat Keris Conlay 33-11 in the Malaysian Rugby Union (MRU) Super League final at the Royal Selangor Club, Mont Kiara

COBRA were crowned new the king of the MRU Super League series on Sunday after it crushed a very determined Keris Conlay side at the Royal Selangor Club grounds in Bukit Kiara. And, in paying tribute to his very young side, Cobra head coach Usaia Biumaiwai said there is no substitute for hardwork.

“We all worked hard for this, the boys and management put in extra effort. It has paid off and I know they will enjoy the fruit of their labour,” Biumaiwai said.

The match, played under scorching sun and perfect underfoot conditions, was fast-paced for at least half an hour. It was typical of finals as both sides sized up each other.

Scoreless until the 24th minute, Cobra opened its account with an Isoa Turuva penalty only to be followed by the equaliser four minutes later by Conlay stand-off Badrul Hisham Basri.

Turuva opened the floodgates for Cobra’s four ties by touching down their first just before the half-time break. Cobra had been awarded a free kick in the Conlay 22-metre territory for a line-out infringement. It was kickly tapped and Turuva weaved his to the tryline quite effortlessly. He converted his own try for a 10-3 lead at halftime.

It was thought that after the break, Conlay would continue with the same pressure it applied in the first half. Unfortunately, Conlay were not able to convert dominance into points on the scoreboard.

Said Cobra president Boon Hoon Che after the match: “After our first try by Isoa, I knew the boys would demolish Keris Conlay in the second half.”

And demolish Cobra did, so much so that Keris Conaly co-coach Hisham Hassan was left speechless.

“I’m speechless. What can I say,’ Hisham said as he tried to compose himself for a TV interview after the match.

Conlay forwards coach Almalik Raja was dumfounded. He shook his head in disbelief as Conlay literally crumbled under the Cobra pressure in the second half.

One major drawback was the shifting of regular Conlay winger Muhamad Faridzal Ismail to fullback. He manned that post well but had a lower work rate simply because he did not have the possession to ply his skills – running in solo tries from deep territory.

Cobra waited, kept their cool and strategised. Even when they were pinned on their own 22-metre line, they never looked awfully worried and appeared to wait only for Conlay to commit offensive mistakes.

However, Cobra with a stronger platform for creating space and stealing possession against the run of play, did not lie idle as centre Viliame Navunicagi made a few strong bursts through the middle only to be brought down by good cover defence on Conlay’s part.

Soon the Cobra pressure mounted and took a huge toll on Conlay’s defence. It was evident by now that Conlay had given up the fight as early as the 45th into the second half.

“We lost because we lacked the fire we showed in the first half,’’ said a disappointed Conlay official Shahiran Maiden.

“Our boys just lost focus in a flash and Cobra doused the fire in us very effectively.”

For the next 33 minutes Cobra ran riot over Conlay in all phases – they dominated the ruck and maul, line-outs, scrums and were visibly the team that had the gas to last them the second half.

“Simple … we applied what we practiced during training this week. We came under some criticism from our fans and supporters for minor hiccups within, and we wanted to honour their support by winning,” said Biumaiwai at the celebration that followed later at Cobra Clubhouse in Petaling Jaya.

Cobra lock forward Dineshwaran Krishnan led the scoring with a try in the 47th minute, Turuva booted over two penalties five minutes apart (52nd & 57th minute) for a 21-3 lead.

Conlay replied with an unconverted try to hardworking flanker Nashrul Hazami. Cobra 21-Conlay 8.

Navunicagi made his exit 48th minute in favour of speedster Vatimi Kenatale, who added class and needed agility to was proving to be a well-oiled Cobra scoring machine .

Then came the try of the day in the 66th minute, a scintillating effort by pint-sized Cobra winger Johari Omar Junit, who fished off his 20-metre dash with a huge dive under the crossbar.

Conlay had just retrieved possession from a huge kick upfield by Cobra.

The Conlay make-shift backline was working its way upfield when Nashrul delivered a huge miss-pass to the waiting winger when Johari popped up from nowhere along the right flank to intercept – he almost fumbled but good ball-handling skills saved the day for him.

With only Conlay fullback Muhammad Faridzal Ismail in pursuit, Johari gave his all in gunning straight for the tryline unscathed. Turuva converted, Cobra 28-Conlay 8.

Badrul Hisham furthered Conlay’s score with a penalty in the 68th minute, only to be insulted by a 71st minute try to Cobra’s replacement flanker Sheik Emir Omar, who substituted for Ras Hurairah Razdi in the 48th minute.

Final score Cobra 33 Keris Conlay 11







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Robert Burns
18-05-11, 05:05
Insulted by a try? interesting.

Sounds like it was a great game.

18-05-11, 05:05
I do enjoy these sporadic posts that you come up with. Shows that rugby is doing well in various parts of the world.

What was the temp and humidity?

Robert Burns
18-05-11, 05:05
Congrats to the officials:


Don't mention the socks.

18-05-11, 06:05
Congrats to the officials:


Don't mention the socks.

Its like the Baabaas; they wear the socks of their parent union.

Dickie E
18-05-11, 06:05

Entirely coincidentally, attached is an obituary for a rugby man who spent many years in Malaya.

Sukandaily, perhaps you can share it locally.