View Full Version : Delay at lineout

Dickie E
25-05-11, 05:05
Law 19.7(b) says: The throw-in at the lineout must be taken without delay and without pretending to throw.

While we have discussed the concept of "delay" at scrums and in-goal, what do learned members take "delay" to mean at the lineout?

Is a team doing all of their fancy moves after the lineout has formed but before ball is thrown constitute "delay"? If not, why not?

25-05-11, 05:05
I would imagine without delay is standing there for 5+ seconds waiting for the call.

Forming the lineout and making the call and then all their dance moves is all good IMO.

Lee Lifeson-Peart
25-05-11, 08:05
Delay is when I get sick of waiting.

"Hurry up"

Chat with Hooker at down time as well.

Next time FK.

I think I have only once had to speak to an oppo trying to drown out line out calls with "encouragement" to his team. I noticed Craig Joubert had to do it in a Lions v Cheetahs game a few weeks ago.

25-05-11, 09:05
Lineout formed (no being just techniacl about it - so properly formed not just 2+2) hooker in possesion and all ready I would give him about 3 seconds before a call of "get on with it" and then Ping him after a further 2 seconds or so.

The lines can be doing all the dancing they want in hat interval, we don't have to wait for them to finish doing that.

Simon Thomas
25-05-11, 09:05
I am looking at 3-5 seconds after line has formed for real and hooker has ball.
Once it cocked behind his head I am down to 1-2 seconds max.

First time a warning, then we are into "pings".

IMHO getting in the ball in without delay is a key element of successful management of line-outs.