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21-07-11, 05:07
Question Reference Number: 296
Blue #12 is just outside of their 22 and passes across the 22-metre line to Blue #14. Blue #14 kicks directly into touch at Gold's 10-metre line. What do you do?
Incorrect - You answered A.
The correct answer is: B.
19.1b : When a defending player plays the ball from outside the 22 and it goes into that player’s 22 or in-goal area without touching an opposition player and then that player or another player from that team kicks the ball directly into touch before it touches an opposition player, or a tackle takes place or a ruck or maul is formed, there is no gain in ground. This applies when a defending player moves back behind the 22 metre line to take a quick throw-in and then the ball is kicked directly into touch

Answer b states lineout where ball went into touch

Robert Burns
21-07-11, 06:07

Obviously an error, I'll fix it tonight.