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Robert Burns
24-09-04, 23:09
Well, a little more than that really.

I am looking for a team of individuals that can help me get this website get fully off the ground.

I want to use the site as a very good reference point for referees from all over the world to use, and as a central place where new referees, or those thinking about becoming referees can get the infomation they require.

There is currently not that many good rugby sites around, and the good ones that are around are normally only good in certain areas.

if you can help, please send me an email to robert@burns.net

I would love the site to be PHP or ASP based, but whatever help I can get doing it would be great. After this hopefully we can expand and specialise slightly in selling things that a rugby referee needs, instead of us having to always utilise the football refs equipment.

28-09-04, 07:09
Yes I am Computer literate but I'm afraid I'm not WEB programming literate, Id love to help but am wondering what improvements you can make, I already think that this is a well laid out site.
But I'm sure someone out there will volunteer who has the appropriate skills.

Keep up the good work.

Robert Burns
28-09-04, 20:09
looking to expand on the non forums side.

Simon Griffiths
21-10-04, 16:10
If you use Front Page I'm more than willing to help - I'd even write some articles etc. (I'm co-editor for GLADtidings (http://www.gladref.ndo.co.uk/GTseptember.htm) - my society's newsletter.)
(The link is to the web-version - not the best as my Front Page doesn't agree with the webmaster's FP Express!)

Robert Burns
21-10-04, 23:10
i can use any editors that people like, i have FP extentions on the server, so it would be good if you could help.