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Robert Burns
01-10-04, 00:10

It all started well, but on 11 minutes after a fair tackle, player from team a screams, I blow and it is obvious he has broken his ankle.

Physio comes on and an ambulance is called, physio is delicately treating the injury and the ambulance service states that we should not move the player as it's a bad break. great!

I tell the players they can either keep themselves warm or they can return to their dressing room, which they duly do, I stay with said player.

5 minutes later the ambulance turns up, plays around with him for 20 mins and carts him off to hospital.

I consult team captains (game is merit table) to see if they want to quit as we may run out of light or play on and see how it goes.

Teams opt to play on and we finish the first half and carry on to finish the whole 80 minutes.

What would you have done? Obviously you are not going to move the player, because you are risking a suing if the injury becomes worse after being told not to.

Game lasted from kick off to full time 2 hours and 50 minutes.

Must be one of the longest games on record. Needed the pint afterwards!

Btw, the score ended 10 -10.

01-10-04, 07:10
I think you did the right thing. If something like that has to happen, it's always better if it's in the 61st minute than the 11th, because then you can just call no-side and have the result stand. Of course, you'd prefer this kind of thing never to happen on your watch, because even if the injury arose through fair play, you still feel like you should ahve been able to prevent it (or at least I do). But you absolutely made the right decision, and giving the captains the choices means that nobody could lay the blame at your door.

I don't know what the club was like, so this may not have been an option, but could you have swapped pitches? When I did a school 2nd XV match a while back, one of the 1st XV on the pitch next door suffered some sort of neck injury, the medics arrived and told nobody to move him - but because these were school fields there was a spare practice pitch available, so the ref sensibly moved the whole game onto that!

01-10-04, 11:10
I would have done exactly the same as you did.

01-10-04, 14:10
I think you did the right thing by everybody.

Well done Robert!

I guess the only problem really comes if YOU have to be somewhere else 30 minutes after "normal" full time!


01-10-04, 22:10
Robert well done, you clearly did the right thing.

My similar experience last season saw a flanker step over a player on the deck and break his ankle in the process. I saw it dangling before he yelled. It seemed to take an age before the ambulance arrived during which I was concerned at the lack of first aid knowledge thereabouts. I do not admit to being a first aider as my qualification lapsed some 2 years ago but insisted that the player not be moved and that he be kept warm. It was easy to abandon the game as it happened in the 61st minute strangely enough and there was no other pitch available. When the paramedics turned up they took 40 minutes to stabilise the patient before whisking him away.

At another game with a similar injury there was good first aid support on site and an alternative pitch so I was happy to transfer the game in the knowledge that good care was being provided before the ambulance arrived.

In another slightly more amusing incident I was at Aldershot refereeing a game between the Ist Foot & Mouth Fusiliers and the 17th Sport & Pastime Regt (some will recognise these teams). Towards the end of a quite reasonable game we all heard this ominous 'crack' from within the tackle zone. Whistle blown, players were invited to peel themselves off gently to reveal a fusilier who although not in pain stated that the crack had come from his neck.

With a potentially serious neck injury I asked initially for a first aider and found that I had another 29 present and should have realised that the whole army is first aid trained. One player then motioned his wife over introducing her as an A & E nurse before another recognised and fetched one of the regimental doctors playing in a game on the neighbouring pitch. Meanwhile, the military police had turned up with blue lights flashing to open the gate and control any impending riot. The ambulance came, blue lights again and with twin tones blaring to discover that it was not fitted with the right kind of stretcher. A second ambulance arrived, yes all noise and illuminations and added to the excellent care being lavished on this young man. Finally I thought we have had enough excitement for one day and went looking for the shower glad that my own extensive first aid knowledge had not been required on this occasion.

Robert Burns
02-10-04, 02:10
I don't know what the club was like, so this may not have been an option, but could you have swapped pitches?
No, the club had 4 pitches and all were being used. typical.

Well thanks for the vote of confidence guys, nice to know you get things right occasionally, it did ruin the game a bit, but the score was just right.