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23-01-12, 08:01
The Q327 in the LRUL test is a bit misleading... Because the law has changed a few times on the "outside arm" in line out and as such, I reckon some information is missing in the question...
Or my English is just too poor to understand "reaches up with his outside arm only" as only one hand is above the head of the jumping player :)


23-01-12, 12:01
Pierre, I can't comment, as I have no way of knowing what Q.327 says, or in what way you consider it deficient. For future reference, it would be appreciated if the people who helpfully comment on these law quizzes can copy and paste the question and the answer, and indicate in what way they consider the answer to be inaccurate. That way, we can have a debate or discussion.

Alternatively, just PM Robbie so the rest of us aren't left wondering what the thread is all about.

24-01-12, 01:01
Good point... My bad.
Just PM'ed Robbie: I'll update accordingly.