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Simon Griffiths
28-10-04, 17:10
I was reading the profiles (http://www.nzrugbynet.com/NZRFU/Referees+Info/Profiles/RS_Default_Topic.htm) of the New Zealand national referees' squad members and one question got me thinking, where would I most like to referee? Well, I'll tell you, and I'm interested to know other peoples thoughts. (Also what would be your 'ultimate' game to referee).

1. What Venue Would I Most Like To Referee At?
Well, it would have to be either, Twickenham (as it's my home country's national stadium - aura etc.) or, if I was very relaxed and had just refereed the World Cup Final (fingers crossed one day!), probably Longlevens RFC (my local club - roll out of bed 10 minutes before kick-off!) or Stanley Park in Vancouver - it's just the most beautiful place I think I've been, what a way to relax.

2. What Would I Consider The Ultimate Match To Referee
I'll buck the trend and not say the RWC Final. I would love to have refereed the Gloucester v Northampton Powergen Cup Final a couple of years back - 75,000 passionate club supporters packing Twickers to the max (always louder than at internationals). That game was great because it also had some great rugby and banter - not that as the referee I'd have known. Or, if not that, then one where both sides were really enjoying the game and playing good rugby.

So then - what would be your choices?

28-10-04, 17:10
1: Three places: Millennium Stadium (part Welsh), Eden Park (I just like Auckland) and Stadio Ferrocarril Oeste (Buenos Aires) for the loudest, most hostile crowd in the rugby world :D

2: The Varsity Match at Twickers.
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28-10-04, 22:10
1999 Dubai World Sevens Series. International final between Bahrain and Abu Dhabi in front of a 15,000 crowd, fabulous. The next game (and hence the crowd), NZ All Blacks vs SA Springboks - but who cared, I didn't.

28-10-04, 23:10
Tigers vs Bath in the ZP final at Twickenham with a full house.

28-10-04, 23:10
I would be happy to assess any of you at any of these events. And I'd only charge expenses.

Robert Burns
29-10-04, 00:10
I would be happy to assess any of you at any of these events. And I'd only charge expenses.
lol, very goood OB!

04-12-04, 02:12
sigriffjr - I reffed your club on excahnge last yr!!

v cirencester I think. Poor game, great people!

Venue - well I've done Heywood Road now, so probably HQ. Or Kingsholm. Or King's Park (now the ABSA Stadium) in Durban

Match - how about Georgia v Russia in Tblisi?

or any match involving the NZ Maori...

05-12-04, 21:12
Venue: have to be Millenium Stadium

Event: World Cup Final (obviously), A Lions match (again obvious), although my ultimate ambition would be Pontypridd RFC vs Llanelli RFC in the Welsh Cup Final (as there would only be one winner, and I could enrage every Scarlet in the world!!!!!!!) :p

05-12-04, 22:12
Venue : Auckland.

Match : 9th July 2005. A cold day, with driving rain, a fiercely partisan crowd, and the final Lions Test, with the series at 1 - 1. Neither squad with any injuries (some hope) and the world's two finest teams step up to do battle.

Epic match.

Pity about the ref.

Simon Griffiths
06-12-04, 18:12
Is there any chance I could TJ for you? I'd referee the NPC final and stay on for a few weeks to help you out! ;)

By the way it wasn't the ref's fault, it was the idiot with a flag calling for all of New Zealand's backline to be binned for persistant infringement (unsportsmanlike conduct - it's not on being that quick and elusive! :D )

06-12-04, 22:12
Ah, I think you mean Law 23 - "Being in Possession or Making Use of Excessive Talent In Order To Beat My Team". All Blacks definitely guilty of that one.