View Full Version : Happy Birthday Simon!

Robert Burns
02-11-04, 02:11
Only a year to go till you can leagally enjoy a beer in the bar with the teams afterwards.

But at least you can learn to drive to and from the game now.

:D :cool:

02-11-04, 10:11
Many happy returns!

02-11-04, 14:11
Happy birthday!

Simon Griffiths
02-11-04, 18:11
Thanks a lot guys. One thing I can now (officially) do is referee adult rugby. Looking forward...

02-11-04, 19:11
Thanks a lot guys. One thing I can now (officially) do is referee adult rugby. Looking forward...

Out of interest, have you refereed much adult rugby?

Simon Griffiths
02-11-04, 20:11
Well, generally very little - I tend to referee U15-U17 matches of a Sunday morning then watch Gloucester/another referee on the Saturday. I've done a couple of games here and there (off the record I must add) plus a couple of 7s tournaments (I believe the thinking was that it isn't 'proper' full rugby).

However, as of now I'm into the thick of it, refereeing up to 3 games per week (plus 2 that I play in - 5 matches per week at times!) As I've been refereeing for about three years now I believe I've got a couple of 2nd XV merit table games and then into the thick of it!

02-11-04, 22:11
I was young once....(thinks back fondly)

My only advice to you is to stick to your guns. Some of the ganrly older players, when I started refereeing, were convinced they knew better than me, been around longer, seen it all , blah blah.

You might find a different set of management challenges now. Good luck!

Robert Burns
04-11-04, 00:11
Simon, I t would be good if maybe you could put some match reports in the match report forum, we can see how your outlook on the game changes when going from young and fit to old and hard.

Be very interesting I think.