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Dead Keen
15-04-12, 12:04

I'm busy trying to get to grips with the laws before an ELRA course next month.

The answer to question 57 says:

Law 6.A.4 prohibits the referee from giving advice to either team before the match.

I couldn't see that there is actually a prohibition on doing that in the laws. Am I missing something?


15-04-12, 14:04
Hi Dead Keen - welcome to the forums, and good luck with your ELRA course.

There are some questions in the law quiz that have survived several years of changes to the laws, and sometimes we don't pick up questions that are out of date. This looks like one of them, as 6.A.4 now covers the duties of the ref within the playing enclosure. For future reference, it's very hard for people without Admin rights to access a specific question to see what it says, so it would be useful if you could copy and paste the question concerned.

The fact is, you are right. There is no prohibition against the ref giving advice to teams before the match - we do it every game in the pre-match brief (e.g. telling the front rows not to come together before the E of Engage, or advising them of the cadence you will use during the Engagement process. We also give advice during the game: Red 7 - step back. White 6 - NO!.

Good advice is always to say exactly the same thing to each team, and if one of them seeks clarification about a specific point, consider whether equity requires you to tell the other lot the same thing.

Dead Keen
15-04-12, 15:04
Thanks Dixie.

Here is the full question and answer:

Question 1 - Type: Law Question
Question Reference Number: 57
What are the duties of the referee before a match?
The correct answer is: C.
6.A.3a & 4.5a. : Before a match, the referee must organize the coin toss and inspect (or delegate inspection of) players' clothing. Law 6.A.4 prohibits the referee from giving advice to either team before the match.
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1 out of 1 Correct: 100%
<form name="quiztest" method="POST" action="http://www.learnrugbyunionlaws.com/quiz.asp?ques=1&quesid=57">A. <input disabled="disabled" type="radio" name="answer" value="A">Organize the coin toss.
B. <input disabled="disabled" type="radio" name="answer" value="B">Inspect (or delegate inspection of) players' clothing.
C. <input disabled="disabled" type="radio" name="answer" value="C" checked="">Organize the coin toss and inspect (or delegate inspection of) players' clothing.
D. <input disabled="disabled" type="radio" name="answer" value="D">Organize the coin toss, inspect (or delegate inspection of) players' clothing, and give advice to both teams.</form>


Dickie E
15-04-12, 22:04
It must fill you with confidence to be completing a test with out of date information.

15-04-12, 22:04
When I think advice, I'm thinking telling a team that oh this team plays heavy forwards, to me if they ask for clarification on something or hey ref we're running X play does this work for you legally? To me that is clarification, there may be a fine line though, but err on the safe side just tell the other team the same thing if you view it material.

16-04-12, 09:04
The Law book used to have a 6.A.3.b - requiring the referee to inspect players' clothing. That has been deleted, though there is still a 6.A.3.a - with no b) to follow indicating its remnant status.

The Law also to used to have 6.A.4.a - which said - "The referee must not give advice to either team before the match"

That too has been deleted and the old 6.A.5 (dealing with the duties of the ref before the match) moved up to become the new 6.A.4.

16-04-12, 09:04
Which makes the answer to question - A

Though frankly any ref who omits the stud check should be re-educated.