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16-11-04, 13:11
Sadly I missed the Ireland match, but I've read plenty about this disputed quick penalty leading to O'Gara's try. What's the verdict chaps? Did Paul Honiss get it right, or is South Africa's Jake White justifiably aggrieved?

Has this happened to anyone else? I certainly had a similar situation two weeks ago, and think that in retrospect I probably got it wrong. I was lucky because it didn't make any difference to the game.

17-11-04, 00:11
I think that if the referee says 'Captain, go and speak to your players.' then that is an order requiring compliance and the implication is that a period of time is being allowed for this to occur. On the other hand, and particularly at this level, any player or Captain who takes his eye off the ball during the 80 minutes has no excuse whatsoever.

17-11-04, 01:11
I thought what Honiss said was rather incoherent. He expressed himself badly. Smit should certainly have confirmed whether or not he was being given time to call his players together, because that is unusual. Neither party can feel very happy with the incident. It was a mess. Only O'Gara got it right!

19-11-04, 01:11
Very poor management by Honiss.

19-11-04, 17:11
I heard that Honiss whistled for time off whilst he talked to the SA captain, and presumably he did the same for time on again. Who says he has to wait?

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19-11-04, 19:11
I heard that Honiss whistled for time off whilst he talked to the SA captain, and presumably he did the same for time on again. Who says he has to wait?

COMMON SENSE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Poor Reffing from a poor ref!

21-11-04, 15:11
I agree that Honiss did not manage the situation very well because he did not make things clear (and Smit did not help himself by not checking). He claims he told the captains beforehand that he would not delay the game for them to talk to their players - and would expect them to do it at the next suitable break. If so, I do not like it. I think the referee should make it clear on the particular occasion whether or not he is giving the captain time.

I also suspect he (along with just about everybody else) thought O'Gara was going to kick for touch, so that allowing him to go ahead would make no difference. He got it wrong.

However, the blanket claim that he is a poor ref is OTT.

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21-11-04, 17:11
I stand by my comments. At the top level we are right to expect a display that is better than among the lower ranks. time and time again the man displays a poor feel and little in the way of communication. For other senior refs to openly slate him suggests that they too are getting fed up with repeated poor displays.

At the World cup it was "rumored" that a top ref was being investigated for his displays. Was it Honis I wonder!

22-11-04, 01:11
I am not keen on "rumours", nor am I keen on blanket condemnation.

As far as I know, the senior refs who openly criticised him were Tappe Henning and Steve Strydom - both South African.

As you know, the assessment of a referee is very detailed. It may be that his (French) assessor did give him a bad report, but let's not jump the gun without checking the detail.