View Full Version : Scrum position from defence kick to touch in goal.

28-11-04, 00:11
I have posted this on the main RFU website with reference to today's Scotland v Springboks game but without response so far.

I was interested to see that the Scottish scrum resulting from vd Westhuyzan's misdirected kick to touch in goal was taken at the 15 metre mark on the 5 metre line. I would have thought that the position would have been 5 and 5? Can anyone enlighten me?

(Monday p.m.) I may have enlightened myself. A colleague at Sunday's pair of games suggested that it might have been the perceived spot where the ball crossed the goal line before crossing the touch in goal line. This was fortunate as the same thing then happened in my game. I was thus better able to choose the point for the restart.