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07-12-04, 09:12
I have my first fixture as a ref under lights tomorrow night - nothing too exciting, just some county U14s. However, from my experience of TJing under lights, I know they can distort the way you view things slightly. Anyone got any good floodlight refereeing tips they'd like to share with me?

P.S. Already been told that a gold ref's shirt looks best under lights - as long as I look good, everything will be fine! :D

07-12-04, 23:12
I had the pleasure of 'the lights' for a game last night, it reminded me of the Middle East where every game is played after dark. They worked well and managed to disperse most of the fog before the game. I wore white as the home team were in yellow. You are right, I could see the home team well but kept tripping over the lads in dark green. It's not easy, the light is very flat and two dimensional. I had a couple of trusted TJs who were brilliant; every time a player complained he had been punched or trampled on I confered with the nearest TJ and in nearly every case we agreed that we hadn't seen a thing!

You do need to keep close to the action as much as you can as it can be difficult to judge a knock on in the centres when you have just had a line out for example and are following on. Just do what you can remembering that it is difficult for the players too. Despite the few complaints I heard, I don't think I missed too much. although I did feel that I had had quite a mental workout afterwards, it is certainly different.

Robert Burns
07-12-04, 23:12
every time a player complained he had been punched or trampled on I confered with the nearest TJ and in nearly every case we agreed that we hadn't seen a thing!
Sorry this made me choke on my coffee, was it meant to be funny, lol.

:D :rolleyes:

08-12-04, 23:12
So, just got back from the game and thought I'd let you all know how it went.

Cambridgeshire 29 Suffolk 27 in an absolutely great game. Never more than a score separating the two sides and Cambs won it with a try two minutes from time. I've certainly refereed some considerably poorer adult matches. The game was watched by a 100 strong and extremely vocal crowd (biggest I've experienced), many of whom came to thank me for a good game afterwards and I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

Anyway, about the lights. The configuration of the ground had lights in each corner and either side of the halfway line and there were no significant dim spots. Cambs played in royal blue and gold and I could see them just fine. Suffolk played in navy and were less clearly defined against the ground. I wasn't helped in the first ten minutes by one of the corner lights tripping out but fate conspired to keep play away from the affected corner, so it wasn't as problematic as it could have been. I could pick out the ball fine and, TBH, I didn't really notice that I was under lights at all.

Anyway, a grand evening out and a good experience for the future. Oh, and I did wear my gold shirt, just to make certain that I looked good :D And it's a good job that I did look good, because I had to shower in the ladies showers while they were finishing off training ;)...

09-12-04, 00:12
Are you telling us you wore your gold shirt in the shower?!

Glad the game worked out well.

09-12-04, 13:12
Which ground was it played at?
Having played under lights and refereed under them, I can say that I don't like 'em. Some grounds are better than others, though.

Congrats - glad it went well. And I like the new CUDRRS badge - smarter than the old white one that I have stitched to some shirt somewhere...

09-12-04, 16:12
We played on the main pitch at Shelford. The stand was about 75% full and there were probably between 80 and 120 people there in total, which combined with the lights gave it a great atmosphere. I'd love to repeat the experience.

The CUDRRS badge was photoshopped by my own fair hand. Glad you like it. :D

14-03-05, 04:03
I was reffing under the lights two weeks ago in California, and remarked the following:

i. In your Level 1 refereeing course, when they tell you never to look up after a kick to watch the ball but rather run to where you think the ball is going, there's an even better reason for that than being able to watch players come up offside:

You'll go effing blind for the next 2 minutes with giant white-spots in your eyes!

Also had the "pleasure" of TJing a floodlit game once, ironically on a Friday Night (but NOT in Texas). From the positioning of the floodlights every conversion or penalty attempt was another reason why we should be allowed to wear sunglasses at night when we're under the posts!


14-03-05, 12:03
Brian, welcome to the forums. Good to see we've recruited another one from the RFU and LRL forums!

Your experience under lights sounds pretty typical. I only made the mistake of looking too high once - I won't do it again!

Not sure how many of the others will get the Friday Night Lights reference, so I'll link to the book (http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/0306809907/qid=1110798407/sr=8-3/ref=sr_8_xs_ap_i2_xgl14/104-5425308-2752734?v=glance&s=books&n=507846), which is well worth reading, and the film (http://www.fridaynightlightsmovie.com/), which I've not seen as it's not yet out in the UK. I should point out that the book was extremely controversial when first published, dealing in an uncompromising fashion with racism and class division in a small gridiron-obsessed Texan town - H.G Bissinger was unwelcome in Odessa for years after its original publication. He seems to have been forgiven now, and the film used footage from the current Permian season, with current Panthers.