View Full Version : Bells and Whistles - The Diary of a new ref

Robert Burns
14-12-04, 14:12
I am going to link into a section of the London Society website because I think it's great and entertaining reading for refs and probably players too.

These small stories are of a new ref in my region, I must says he has a vert articulate view on the role and explains it in a way that I find amusing anyway, so I thought I would share it with those of you who may not have seen it.


Enjoy! :D

14-12-04, 16:12
Quite amusing, but a shame it's not been updated for such a while. Still, it made me chuckle :D

Simon Griffiths
14-12-04, 21:12
Some good stories there, would be good for a 'Become a Rugby Referee' leaflet. I love the quotations at the top of the reports, I must use them some time!

15-12-04, 11:12
Great read, especially for a `Newie' like me! :p