View Full Version : Merry Christmas

24-12-04, 21:12
Just want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas

Anyone got any games over the festive period? I have one on the 27th, 12 noon kick off, at a club called St.Peters RFC in Cardiff, and they are opening a new clubhouse before the game and are expecting a sizeable crowd, OOO-EERRRR!!!!

Simon Griffiths
25-12-04, 00:12
Yes Merry Christmas to you all!

I had got a game on Boxing Day, but one of the teams cried off. (It was a vets match, so they realised it would be better to head straight for the bar on such an ocassion - probably having heard the weather forecast).

25-12-04, 00:12
Ever get the feeling we spend a little too much time on the internet? And this forum in particular.

Hoping for a run out on Christmas day. Got the local 3.5 mile fun run in the morning as the warm up, followed by my local club's "whoever turns up can play" game in the afternoon.

Time to wrap a few presents now. Happy Christmas to all. May your stockings be bulging with an array of reffing accoutrements...and maybe the new Lions shirt??