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Emmet Murphy
18-12-06, 20:12
Did anyone else who saw the game think this try ought to have been disallowed? For those who didn't see it: Caucau kicked ahead and chased after it, the ball bounced up high in between Caucau and Dempsey. Caucau reached the ball first and tipped it over Dempsey's head with his hand and then ran round him and caught the ball before running under the posts. I had a look on youtube but there aren't any clips so you'll have to make do with my description!!

I just wanted to clear this up really in case something similar happens in a game I ref! Personally I thought it should have been a penalty to Leinster because I understood that players can't knock/throw the ball over an opponent and go round them to catch it. Any thoughts?

18-12-06, 21:12
IMHO it all turns on whether or not you think he tipped it ahead deliberately, or was trying to gather it. The former is a deliberate knock forward - penalty. The latter is currently allowed.

It he is allowed to tip it forward under the circumstances, then he can also be tackled.

In this case I am prepared to give Caucau the benefit of the doubt, but there was quite a lot of doubt in my mind.

18-12-06, 21:12
an attempted catch and adjustment or a deliberate tip over the top...your call.
didn't see it personally

18-12-06, 23:12
We've had this arguement/discussion before.

There was no knock-on (deliberate or otherwise) as the ball did not hit the ground or another player. Would agree that if it had either touched the defenders after he tipped it, or the ground, then deliberate knock on, but it didn't.

As soon as he touched it, he could have been tackled though.

Personally thought it was a great bit of skill, a kick ahead, then tipping the ball away from teh defenders, before regathering it, to score.

Those who believe that the ball only has to go forward (not touch players or ground) to be a knock-on, would agree with you. Personally I think this is an incorrect interpretation, and with all the evidence from international level downwards, would say that the top ref's go along the "must touch player or ground" view.

19-12-06, 00:12
FlipFlop - the wording of 12.1 (e) is:
"A player must not intentionally knock the ball forward with hand or arm, nor throw-forward."

This does not use the term "knock-on", therefore the various conditions in the definition do not apply, however you interpret them.

Wert Twacky
19-12-06, 09:12
For what it's worth I thought it was a great individual piece of skill and a joy to watch.
I wouldn't have penalised for it - IMHO in was trying to gather the ball from a high bounce and tipped it slightly forward before gathering it and scoring.
I think if someone had penalised that they'd need balls of steel.

Account Deleted
19-12-06, 10:12
Not a knock-on but a throw forward? Law 12 definitions?

If so was it intentional?

If yes - Penalty
If no - Scrum
12.1 (a) & 12.1 (e)

19-12-06, 11:12
Competition Announcement.

Big Prize.

Select one of the following as the appropriate call in Caucau's case.

A) Knock-on
B) Throw Forward
C) Juggling

All entries welcome - the prize will be awarded to the first correct entry out of the hat.

The referee's decision is final.