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20-12-06, 07:12
I reffed a match last weekend in which I awarded a penalty for not realeasing the ball on the ground.

Since black (the oppo) weren't back ten, I advanced the penalty 10 metres.
White took it quickly again and scored a try off that penalty.

The opposition (black) coach came up to me and told me that the 2nd penalty should have been a "slow" one, and so the try should have been disallowed.

However, as i saw it: the oppo weren't ALL back ten that second time only half of their team was, and since the fly half ran towards the group which were ten metres, I played advantage and allowed play to continue.

Was I right to do this??

I think the coach was just unhappy that his players didn't get a second chance to line themselves up before the attack, but surely since it is a penalty (sanction) against them, they should not benefit from it in anyway??

20-12-06, 08:12
Was I right to do this??

Yes. As second penalties are often flash points, it's often regarded as "good management" to insist the second penalty isn't taken quickly.

But there's no reason in Law to do this - it's just a "management guideline". The defending team doesn't have the "right" to slow the game down by preventing the second penalty being taken quickly.

20-12-06, 10:12
The Law simply says that the second penalty cannot be taken "before the referee has made the mark indicating the place of the second penalty" (Law 21.7 (d)).

It's a common management technique at the top level to see referee's walking to the second mark in order to slow things down, but as Paul says, the defenders have no right to expect the game to stop so they can line up - after all, they're the ones who have infringed and are being punished!

Simon Thomas
20-12-06, 12:12
The coach and his players have learnt useful lessons !

Don't give away penalties, but if you do

retire 10 m quickly and keep watching the ball
retire a further 10m quickly if they got it wrong the first time
once the referee makes the mark the ball can be played

it is a "rugby myth" that the second penalty has to be slowed down and let the defenders get 10m and get organised

20-12-06, 13:12
Speedbird - The key issue is that you control the speed of the second and subsequent penalties and that the penalty takers may not do so until you have given the new mark(s).

When briefing skippers before the game it can be useful to include "Quick taps where I can see them please gentleman or I shall not be able to give you advantage if the opposition has not retired their 10. Secondly, if the penalty is against you please ensure your players retire the 10 immediately, I don't want flashpoints."

Later on you can refer to this conversation if it becomes a problem viz "We spoke about this earlier skipper, please make sure your player's retire."

Any more difficulties I would be considering a caution.