View Full Version : Harlequins v Saracens this evening

12-09-14, 15:09
Is anyone else going to Quins v Sarries this evening, at the Stoop ?
Fancy a quick rugbyrefs.com meet and pint ?

12-09-14, 16:09
I'm going to my man cave to watch it. With beer

12-09-14, 17:09
nice touch, putting quins vs sarries in the non rugby section!

12-09-14, 21:09
I had a premonition.
Worst result for Quins in a long time.

12-09-14, 22:09
Well that's the wife in the worst mood EVER!!!!

13-09-14, 09:09
What was Quins Home record (http://www.bbc.com/sport/0/rugby-union/29128871) like before that defeat?

Phil E
13-09-14, 09:09
It was the posh boys worst defeat in 4 years.

13-09-14, 09:09
Zero'd, at home, with a 15 v14 advantage for 20 mins ......


Sales will suffer

13-09-14, 09:09
Unfortunately I watched Dragons v Ospreys.
Scrums were a mess, every put in not straight when we did actually get one.
St Nigel reffing too, not a great performance or overall spectacle

15-09-14, 13:09
Pimms sales won't suffer Browner - everyone was leaving before the end, obvious even on TV!
I was going to go crossref, glad I didn't bother in the end. Will send you a PM when I make it this year to see if you're around again

Game was pretty dire, Sarries didn't get out of 3rd gear, and Quins didn't get out of the changing room. Non rugby is about right!