View Full Version : Yellow Card Today

18-10-14, 21:10
Would like to know what other refs think of this call.

uncontested scrums from the outset. I make it clear that all other laws apply to the scrum apart from the one that if uncontested the team putting in must win the scrum.

Blue have been warned twice for releasing binding at back row. Finally penalised number 7, playing advantage as as we carry on he shouts "Thats a load of bollocks ref". Advantage played through, try scored and then I call him over and yellow card him. Would appreciate thoughts please.

Phil E
18-10-14, 21:10
Sounds good to me.

18-10-14, 23:10
Regardless of whether your decision was right (it was) or wrong, dissent like that must be penalised. Presumably he kept his thoughts to himself when returning to the pitch 10+ minutes later? One lesson learned, for your match anyway.