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23-12-06, 20:12
We said it wouldn't happen, but in tonight's Blues v Ospreys match, it did.

Blues player passed ball over his shoulder and was called for a forward pass. Clearly the referee was not moving to keep up with play.

Mike Whittaker
23-12-06, 23:12
You mean the ref was standing still!? Surely not...

24-12-06, 15:12
Or the ball travelled towards the opponents dead ball line.

Which would mean that the player threw it backwards at too slow a speed to compensate for his own forward motion.

30-12-06, 15:12
I think he was a brave man.

How many other referees will use the same interpretation in their next match ?

How does this ever create a situation whereby everybody knows what to expect?


30-12-06, 15:12
Of course if the player was facing his own goal line at the time ...

30-12-06, 18:12
That was pinged a few weeks ago in a TV game. Ball carrier was turned facing his own goal-line, moving slowly towards the opposition (Backing towards them if you see what I mean. He then tossed a loose pop pass to his team-mate who was facing him (ie facing the oppoistion as well).

The pop pass was poor and the ball actually travelled towards the opposition dead ball line - while at all time remaining between the erstwhile ball carrier an his own dead-ball line.

The ref blew for a forward pass.

I congratulated the television for a good decision.

31-12-06, 01:12
ar... but the TV didn't make the decision... the ref did.

So will all refs make the same decision next week?

If not, how does this help anyone?

This isn't about ME - I can go with either interpretation (tho I may not agree with it! ;-) . Whether 30 players and those that do not read these columns (in their MILLIONS) can is another thing.

And WADR you will never IMO convince MILLIONS that a bloke facing his own goal line that pops a pass to a team mate running towards him has ever made a forward pass. (Including me although I am big enough to go with a IRB flow :-).

You are talking credibility here at the end of the day. Yer average man in the street just will not see it that way.

I do understand YMMV. Immensely.