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20-11-14, 14:11
Dissent towards a ref isn't allowed and has various sanctions. Where in the law book does it mention dissent? Or is just under acts contrary to good sportsmanship?

20-11-14, 14:11
10.4 (s)
All players must respect the authority of the referee. They must not dispute the referee’s decisions. They must stop playing at once when the referee blows the whistle except at a kick-off or at a penalty kick following admonishment, temporary suspension, or send-off.
Sanction: Penalty kick

20-11-14, 22:11
From 10.4(s) "...They must not dispute the referee’s decisions..." could easily be rewritten to "...They must not show dissent at the referee’s decisions..."

21-11-14, 12:11
Doesn't the wording or some definition include somewhere that dissent is by word or action?