View Full Version : Ulster v London Irish (David Humphreys)

DJ Jnr
27-12-06, 02:12
David Humphreys.... was handed the kicking tee. He then dropped the tee, took a tap kick, ran 22 mtrs and scored a try.

Law states:
21.4 (b) If a kicker indicates to the referee the intention to kick a penlety kick at goal, the kick must be taken within one minute from the time the player indicates the intention to kick at goal. The intention to kick is signalled by the arrival of the tee or sand, or when the player makes a mark on the ground.........

Did anyone see this?

27-12-06, 10:12
This has already been discussed here: http://www.rugbyrefs.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1761. From recollection, the view was that the referee was caught off guard and made a mistake; Humphreys should have been sanctioned; and the ref could have done with some support from his colleagues.

DJ Jnr
28-12-06, 21:12
OOPS........... sorry