View Full Version : Dirty Weekend

Lee Lifeson-Peart
17-01-15, 21:01
Managed to wear more kit than I've worn refereeing in one game today.

Snow during the "warm" up. Wore all 4 tops/coats to try and keep warm.

Snow, sleet and rain all through first half. Shirt wet through and covered in sleet/snow. Had to go in at HT to change.

Back out in new shirt to greet first glimpses of sun. Pitch continues to quagmire nicely and games ends with 30+ Fran Cotton lookalikes.

At final whistle losing loose-head gives me huge bear hug to make sure I don't feel left out.:biggrin:

I love Rugby!!! :)

18-01-15, 06:01
Yeah it was horrendous but at least the game was on.


19-01-15, 21:01
Looks like it wasn't just you LLP...


Although from that pic the yellow jersey is still remarkably bright!

20-01-15, 09:01
that was just up the road from where I reffed, as I said to Clair, "should have kept them on their feet" :wink: