View Full Version : Head injury - another first

Lee Lifeson-Peart
14-02-15, 18:02
Merit League game today.

After Reds Third try after 25 mins. Blue 10 stays down in in goal. He doesn't look too clever and we pinch physio from adjacent pitch to see to him.

Physio insists he isn't moved due to neck/head injury.

There are 3 teams at home so no spare pitches. We all try and keep warm and finally give up after ambulance fails to show after 50 minutes.

Ambulance turns up after about 90 mins by which time I am showered and into my pint. Saw physio later and she said he was in better shape when ambulance turned up.

Once upon a time someone would have pulled him to his feet and we'd have played on.

Took all the advice from physio and kept everyone informed and that was it really. Sensible approach and hopefully he will be fine after the prescribed return to play protocols are followed.

14-02-15, 21:02
Well done you!