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16-03-15, 21:03
A tactic introduced to the game by the Pumas in 2012 - Four Nations.

Ireland, England and Scotland have all been quick to cotton on to this tactic. Consists of falling chest first on the ball (like for marking a try) this hides the ball momentarily from opposition players, when they then contest, the ball carrier, instead of immediately getting up, passing or releasing the ball, next turns to place the ball in his own camp. (Does this create a "gate" as Pro-coaches are suggesting? I don't think it does.) How immediate, must immediately be?

I wonder if the ball-carrier deliberately going to ground to avoid a tackle situation, and thus gain these 2 or 3 seconds to allow support to arrive is allowed by the LoTG.

Law 14 - Definition :
A player who makes the ball unplayable, or who obstructs the opposing team by falling down, is negating the purpose and Spirit of the Game and must be penalised.Genuine question, why is this not being penalised? It IS against the spirit of the game, namely the fair contest for the ball. If the ball carrier gets isolated, tough for him ; this does not allow him to prevent the opposition players on their feet to fairly contest for the ball.