View Full Version : Unbalanced - the best defence you can have.

15-04-15, 14:04
It looks like Horwills Lawyers trick is the best defence :rolleyes:

This time James Broadhurst uses the " off balance" excuse for concussing Luke Braid, to get a token 1 week ban...... Of course it may have been true ????

"The player was being held as he was trying to move away from the ruck, being made to go somewhat off balance by being held, and in the process of extricating himself from the ruck to get back into the defensive line, the player brought his body weight down forcibly onto his opponent. In the process of doing this, the player struck his opponent on his cheek with his lower leg causing his opponent's head to hit the ground and subsequently suffer concussion symptoms"

Anyone find a video of the incident ? Cos 1 week for an "admitted striking " seems to be a tad low.