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19-05-15, 06:05
Hi guys

I didn't see this game, but this from the Times's report of Danny Cipriani channelling Dylan Hartley:

Cipriani did not swear at Barnes, but his language was strong enough for the referee to take exception and halt the game. Barnes called over Dan Braid, the Sale captain, and delivered a rebuke to Cipriani before awarding a penalty to Exeter. Hes on a warning after this. He knows what he said. If he speaks to me like that it is a straight red card, Barnes said.
Cipriani responded by saying that he was not talking to Barnes. I dont want to listen to it, but when he screams at me like that I have got no option, the referee said.

So what do we make of that? Wayne Barnes proved with Dylan Hartley that he's prepared to go nuclear with the straight red. He asserted that what was said, and the way it was said, warranted a straight red. So he gave a penalty.

Last day of the season bottle? A sense that Cipriani's (anorexically slim) RWC hopes might be ruined by a red? Can anyone make sense of this?

19-05-15, 06:05
My impression was that Barnes wasn't certain that Cipriani remarks were aimed at him. Hence "if he speaks to me like that" he got the benefit of the doubt.

19-05-15, 08:05
My impression was that Barnes wasn't certain that Cipriani remarks were aimed at him. Hence "if he speaks to me like that" he got the benefit of the doubt.

Agree. In the Dylan Hartley incident, he used the words "f***ing cheat, and I don't care what Hartley subsequently claimed, it sounded as if it was aimed at Barnes. Barnes was 100% sure.

Perhaps in this Cipriani case, Barnes was not 100% sure it was aimed at him, and you don't give a RC for any offence unless you are 100% sure you have it right.

19-05-15, 09:05
And we must remember that with the Dylan Hartley RC Wayne had already warned the Saints Captain about the words emanating from Dylan's mouth - in much the same way as this.

Consistency from Wayne, and I have no doubt he would have RC Danny had he continued.

19-05-15, 10:05
beckett50 makes a good point - at the Hartley incident WB had indeed already issued a warning.

later in the Exeter Sale game WB told some other player not to use bad language -- not a talking to, he just said 'language!' clearly something overheard, not aimed at ref -- I wonder if premiership players and refs have been told that they don't want bad language being picked up by the ref's microphone, and audible on TV.

19-05-15, 14:05
exactly, beckett50's points is correct. WB said to him moments before "this isn't how you behave as captain, if I hear anything like that from you again and I think it's directed at me I'll have to deal with it." Also some people are more of the opinion that the red card was the use of the word cheat not the swear word.

crossref I think you are correct about bad language on TV. for example the infamous Chillax moment from JP Doyle to Hodgson. The SH responds with, I assume, a swear word and JP says "woah, mic"

19-05-15, 22:05
It's always worth watching again.


21-05-15, 03:05
It's always worth watching again.


Some of the comments are funny (and some of the them aren't)

one of the best IMO "Nick Mullins picking someone up for talking shite... oh the irony."


This is worth watching again too... how to self destruct in less than two minutes