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02-01-07, 13:01
I watched two games one after the other over the Christmas period and the decision to the same incident was different, I just wondered who got it right.First scenario Llanelli attacking chip ahead in to the ingoal area and Justin Marshall deliberately pushed the ball out of play with his hands from the ingoal area whilst three attackers were raging down on him, Owens gave a penalty try and sent Marsall to the bin.This was followed by Bath v Bristol, same sceario Bristol attacking chip ahead and the Bath scrum half deliberately pushes the ball out of play under severe pressure from attackers. Davey gave a penalty to Bristol on the Five metre line and the Bath scrum half was not sent to the bin, who got it right?

02-01-07, 14:01

Law 10.2 (c) Throwing into touch. A player must not intentionally knock, place, push or throw the ball with his arm or hand into touch, touch-in-goal, or over the dead-ball line.

Penalty: Penalty Kick on the 15-metre line if the offence is between the 15-metre line and the touch-line, or, at the place of the infringement if the offence occurred elsewhere in the field of play, or five metres from the goal-line and at least 15 metres from the touch-line if the infringement occurred in in-goal.

A penalty try must be awarded if the offence prevents a try that would probably otherwise have been scored.

02-01-07, 14:01
I too thought Owens got it spot on, he really is a top class Ref in my opinion

02-01-07, 15:01
I didn't see the first incident, but I did see the second. I think there were several factors affecting the referee's decision not to give a penalty try.
The in-goal area was very shallow; there was a second defender nearby; the attacker had turned to tap the ball and was facing the wrong way. Enough there for the ref to feel that a try was not sufficiently probable.

It is often possible to describe situations in such a way as to make them sound identical. In reality they very rarely are. The best question to ask is "what were the significant differences?"

02-01-07, 16:01
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