View Full Version : Repeat Offending - public warning card ?

13-07-15, 13:07
With the aim of 'viewer awareness' , how about showing a 'coloured card' to the player (or capt if its a team offence warning) that results in a team warning now being in place for repeat offending

such a visual display might aid viewer understanding of what is likely to follow, and then even the left winger or full back can't claim he didn't hear the warning.

Hockey has a green card, albeit not for identical circumstances


Phil E
13-07-15, 13:07
You don't need a card.

Call the Captain over.
Point in turn to the places of repeat offending.
Hold your hands up in a shrugging gesture.

Everyone will know what's just happened. Any card next time will be no surprise.

13-07-15, 14:07
it would remove flexibility for the ref - if you have made a warning that public, then you have to issue a card later, even if the if the circumstances that occur later don't really merit it.
a spoken warning to the captain you can word to keep your options more open

13-07-15, 17:07
I presume we're talking about the grassroots game, since the refs at elite level are miked up and TV viewers can hear what they're saying?

I don't think we need to over egg the pudding. Call the captain over, tell him it's repeated team time and they're in danger of getting a YC for the next offence. Give the captain time to relay the message to the team.

Then play on as you would.

13-07-15, 20:07
We experimented with giving an explicit signal for a team warning and found that all it does is get people bellowing "what about the team warning?" when the team you put on a warning 30 minutes ago gives away its first penalty since then, for a completely different offence.