View Full Version : Quote of the week 2015-16

30-08-15, 13:08
I wonder if there is mileage in this.
We all here the wise cracks week in week out.
Yesterday running the line at my own club where home clubs had excellent catch a drive at the line out.
Smart opposition worked this out and decided not to compete resulting in a couple of quick truck and trailer penalties.
Old fart on the touch line "I hate all this non competing truck and trailer nonsense, never happened in my day"
Quick as a flash somebody responded "they were horse and cart in your day mate"😉

30-08-15, 14:08
Similar to yours Ciaran, a bloke in our association who has been reffing for a good 40-50 years was packing a scrum down one day when a player asked a question about the law. The ref goes "that's been the rule for 100 years" to which the player replied "and you've been reffing all 100 of them mate".

30-08-15, 19:08
my favourite, which hopefully bears repetition, is the ref faced with constant appeals and advice told every to be quite 'at the moment there's 31 referees on the pitch!", "Ay, and you're not the pick of the bunch"

30-08-15, 20:08
Ref.( me) to capt. after he comitted a silly pk" capt, no need for that, youve been having good match so far"
Capt. "At least one of us is"

......lesson learnt by me