View Full Version : Update! (Inc. Scrum Issues)

Simon Griffiths
07-01-07, 22:01
Hi Everyone,

Just a quick update (this is the only way I can do it at the moment!).

Until a the week commencing 14th April, I shall not be able to make any changes to the LRL database (some of you will notice that I didn't anyway!). I have not been able to update the questions relating to the scrum engagement procedure. Many apologies, and that will be sorted asap!

Hope you all keep well, and I'll try to make my (brief) appearances as often as I can!


07-01-07, 23:01
Noddy, do I detect time management is an issue then? How many hair cuts have you had so far?

Simon Griffiths
08-01-07, 18:01
I believe you detect a shoe polishing/bulling issue here...

(Plus, as far as LRL upkeep goes, no access to the database etc. for updating purposes).

No hair-cuts yet, planning to head in when s/he is next around. Lots of press ups though. :o