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24-03-16, 20:03
I have been volunteered to develop a formal disciplinary policy and procedures for our state union. A couple of years ago USA Rugby (USAR) adopted IRB Regulation 17 and the Sanctions for Foul Play, so we are obligated to reflect this in our P&Pís. USAR also produced some guidance regarding what must be covered in local disciplinary procedure but not in enough detail to guide the process. So, I have been poking about on the internet looking for a disciplinary P&P that I could adapt for our local use. I havenít had much luck as most of what I have found is intended for large clubs or for national rugby authorities. We only have 12 teams in our union, only the one union in the state, and only play ďfriendlyĒ games against visiting sides, so we donít need anything terribly comprehensive. Anybody have any suggestions as to where I might look for a relatively simple disciplinary P&P?

24-03-16, 22:03
No such thing as 'simple' when it comes to handing out discipline to adults.

PM me your personal email address and I'll send you the ARUs recommended approach they want all oz local comps to apply.