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31-03-16, 16:03
As we come to the end of the season we will have our final society meeting and will vote on othe golden whistle award for clubs in our county.
Whilst it is not an exact science, not every ref will visit every club, it is an award to a club who in our society's opinion makes the referees day the most enjoyable.
We all get a vote and the winning club is the one with the most votes.
Usual points to consider.
Did they contact you in good time.
How are you looked after when you arrive.
How are the crowd? Hostile, appreciative?
How is the after game? Food, refreshment, bar banter.
How do the players interact with you.
Lots of variables.

Do others have the same thing? Club usually gets presented at first home game of the season by society chairman.

Now this got me thinking, do clubs ever reciprocate and have an award for best ref?
Don,t think this would be easy to do but as most clubs have player of the year, most improved, top clubman etc etc would it be worth anything?
Does any society have such awards?

31-03-16, 17:03
never seen an award from a club to a ref.

Could be many reasons, not excluding its a potential snub for any referees that are also members of said club who nevere ever get the award ;-)


31-03-16, 17:03
Actually - isn't that idea pretty much what Luis Luyt tried to do for Derek Bevan in 1995?



Dickie E
31-03-16, 21:03
we have a ref of the year determind by clubs. Not sure of the exact criteria but Drift will have a better idea (he may have even won it :clap:)

31-03-16, 23:03
It's voted by the teams from our premier grade comp. I am not entirely sure of the intricacies if they do a 3-2-1 vote or just vote for their "best referee". You're right, I have had the honour of winning it one year, it's a nice award to get as it comes from your key audience.

Lee Lifeson-Peart
01-04-16, 09:04
I am always the " best referee we've had all year" at clubs I go to in September.

01-04-16, 12:04
I had, a month ago, "seriously sir, you're the best ref we've had here this season". He seemed genuine. I apologized to him for the standard of refs he'd clearly been dealing with that season (can't pretend I'd had my best game ever).

Maybe I should have insisted on a HIA for him?

01-04-16, 22:04
Spot the omission:




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