View Full Version : Penalty Advantage playing - kicked into touch - come back for penalty?

12-09-16, 18:09
Red is given a penalty advantage, a few seconds later Red kicks, ball goes into touch. Do you come back for penalty advantage or is red deemed to have played the ball and thus has given up the penalty advantage even though they have lost the put in? PS, we are not close enough to the posts to kick for 3 points.thoughts?

12-09-16, 19:09
Have they gained a clear tactical or positional advantage, beyond what they are likely to have achieved with the penalty? If the answer is no, I'd say come back for the penalty.

That appears to be the answer in this case. Whilst with the penalty they probably would not have gained any more ground by kicking to touch, they would have the throw. Therefore they have not gained their advantage through the kick so I would return for the penalty.

Other factors are how far have they progressed since the penalty and whether the kick, even though they lose the throw, is sufficiently far for it to be considered a decent positional advantage.

12-09-16, 20:09
Hi Rich.

Good question and the answer is "It depends". How far into the match, was the kicker under pressure, did the kicker have alternate options, how long was the kick - was the kick enough to give sufficient TERRITORIAL advantage, if not tactical as Red won't have the throw.

Consider this, Red kicker makes a really good contact with the ball, is not under any form of pressure and the ball goes a good 30 - 40 metres. Do you call "Advantage over, kicked away not under pressure!" or call the players back only for the red kicker to make less ground knowing they will have the throw or, even worse, not make touch at all!!

If you were the Captain, would you deem the kick to touch an acceptable advantage? Back in the original days of rugby the referee would - allegedly - position himself on half-way and the advantage was requested by the non-offending captain.

IMHO the Advantage Law is the best one in the book as it is down to your judgement and reading of the game at the time and on the day.

14-09-16, 19:09
Yes, I came back for the penalty as in my mind they got no advantage from the original ball into touch - and they kicked for touch to retain the put in and no one complained.