View Full Version : Crooked feeds

The Fat
15-10-16, 03:10
If ever anyone needed confirmation that elite referees actively allow skew feeds into scrums, just watching the Mitre 10 Cup game between Counties M & Canterbury and we have a scrum to be fed by Canterbury. The mark is half a metre outside Canterbury's 22 and Mike Fraser tells Canterbury that it is "outside". The SH turns and yells to his #10 that it is outside. Remember that the 22 line is just in front of the Canterbury hooker's toes. The SH feeds the ball on an angle of about 35 degrees so that as it passes under the LH prop it is already behind the 22.
More proof to me that, no matter how many times the top refs may deny it, they must have been instructed somewhere along the line not to be overly concerned with how the ball is thrown into the scrum.